02 September, 2011

*black and white day

my dear friend

my silly face!!

today day 3 after eid. today I decided to go for a walk with my friend, to buy black shoes for work.
what i wore:
*vintage stripes t-shirt from thrifted store
*vintage mom's black skirt
*nevada black boots

01 September, 2011

*Happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H

Happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H for all moslem in the world.... :)
after 1 month of fasting, it's time for a victory.
I celebrated Eid on 31 August with my family. I should have celebrated in my hometown at Banda Aceh, but I can not return to my hometown, because at 5th September I'll go work at a bank near my residence, This my first time I've worked in a bank. uuugh what a lazy things.... but I'm thankful to god because god has given me grace. and I'm grateful for Eid this year, I was able to celebrate Eid with my big family in Jakarta. enjoy some picture: 

Some Cakes.. :9
Timpan (my hometown traditional cake)

Bolu Gulung

Sarang Tawon

Nastar (made by me)
And My Big Family (not very big, but this is only a quarter) haha

05 June, 2011

you're not alone

traditional purple bag, thrifted velvet blazer, namoo flat shoes

erma and me

mayang, me, erma, tika

friends are very important to me, they are my loyal friend. they are my friends while in college until now.
friend is :  
* eat together
* laugh together
* play together
* skipping class together
* happy together 
* cry together
i miss you girls... :p

13 March, 2011

Pray for Japan

tsunami in japan is remind me about tsunami in Aceh (indonesia) 6 years ago....
lets pray for Japan and support them.. :)
we love you Japan...

here some picture that inspired by Japanese Style (Schoolgirl)
thanks to Pupu for the picture.. :)


06 February, 2011

*New In

my snaky snaky ring

black leather jacket $20

gray leather jacket $20

traditional bag from my Hometown Aceh-Indonesia

print leggings only $7