01 September, 2011

*Happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H

Happy Eid Mubarak 1432 H for all moslem in the world.... :)
after 1 month of fasting, it's time for a victory.
I celebrated Eid on 31 August with my family. I should have celebrated in my hometown at Banda Aceh, but I can not return to my hometown, because at 5th September I'll go work at a bank near my residence, This my first time I've worked in a bank. uuugh what a lazy things.... but I'm thankful to god because god has given me grace. and I'm grateful for Eid this year, I was able to celebrate Eid with my big family in Jakarta. enjoy some picture: 

Some Cakes.. :9
Timpan (my hometown traditional cake)

Bolu Gulung

Sarang Tawon

Nastar (made by me)
And My Big Family (not very big, but this is only a quarter) haha

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